Match Month

Starting at AED 1050

This introduction to cricket program is geared towards beginners and intermediate players looking to develop their match awareness and cognitive ability around the game of cricket. This program links fundamental cricket movement to fun play through modified games. It is fun, exciting and offers opportunities to all to develop the basic skills of the game.

Program 4 weeks 8 weeks
Match Month (Sat & Sun) AED 1050 AED 1850 


The program will run between the 13th May to 2nd July 2023.

Summer Skills Program

Starting at AED 1050

As the cricket season comes to an end, and the summer months start - there is no better chance to develop and refine your skills than at the ICC Academy. With world class indoor facilities and guided by ICC qualified coaches, you will be taken through a comprehensive pre - season program. This program focuses on the fundamental skills needed to develop your game - from batting, bowling, fielding to season preparation, you will leave the program ready to tackle the season with confidence in your technical game.

Program 4 weeks 8 weeks
Summer Skills Program AED 1050 AED 1850 


The program will run from 9th May till the 30th June 2023.

Train Like A Pro

Starting at AED 625

Building and optimizing the engine of the body - this full-fledged cricket program is designed to introduce a young cricketer to the demands of what being a professional offers. From technical, tactical, mental to physical - you will be put through a comprehensive program offering you specialized and specific training with state-of-the-art facilities, experienced and qualified coaches as well as use of technology. You will walk away with the awareness and skills of what true cricket performance is.

Program Single week 4 weeks 8 weeks
Train Like a Pro (Mon to Fri) AED 625 AED 2375 AED 4500


The program will run from 3rd July to 25th August 2023.

Summer Camp

Starting at AED 595

This Camp offers an opportunity to young, budding & enthusiastic cricketers to learn and experience a unique coaching program that will enhance their game skills through modified game play. Apart from learning the basics of the game, the young budding cricketers will be taken through all the gross movement and fundamental skills for overall development.

Program Single week 4 weeks 8 weeks
Summer Camp (Mon to Fri) AED 595 AED 2260 AED 4280


The program will run from 3rd July to 25th August 2023.