Level 1 - Coach Education Course

Level 1 - Coach Education Course

Fees : AED 2650

Purpose of the course

The purpose of the ICCA Level 1 course is to introduce the candidates to the basic principles of coaching cricket. In achieving this certification, the candidate will be deemed capable of coaching cricket to beginners with the primary focus on the skills and activities that lead to the game of cricket being played. 

The ICCA Level 1 coach will be teaching the basic skills of cricket to beginners of the sport or those that are interested in learning more about the game of cricket. Additionally, the ICCA Level 1 coach will look to generate interest and encourage new participants to the game. By achieving the ICCA Level 1 accreditation, the coach should be able to do the following:

  1. Explain and describe the basic skills of cricket
  2. Show an understanding of the basic laws of cricket
  3. Demonstrate the basic skills needed by beginners for participation in cricket
  4. Show an understanding of good coaching principles and behaviors
  5. Understand and explain the safety requirements of cricket.
  6. Understand, explain, and demonstrate the safety requirements when coaching beginners 
  7. Show an ability to adapt the game of cricket to various learning environments
  8. Demonstrate basic planning of sessions
  9. Conduct basic coaching sessions for beginners

A beginner would be a person who has recently started playing cricket or somebody that has no experience playing the game. Furthermore, a beginner could be somebody that plays cricket recreationally and purely for enjoyment. 

Scope of the course

The ICCA Level 1 coach is able to coach the following players:

  • Junior cricketers aged 13 and below
  • Beginner cricketers (those new to the game or with minimal experience)
  • New cricketers (those who have not experienced playing cricket previously)

Structure of the course

The ICCA Level 1 course takes place on site at the ICC Academy in Dubai, UAE. The course takes place over two days and includes theory, practical and assessment. All theory presentations are conducted in a classroom setting, making use of various resources such as PowerPoint presentations, group discussions, and so forth. The practical sessions, along with the assessment, are carried out in the indoor arena and all equipment is provided by the ICCA. All participants have the opportunity to coach and receive feedback from the tutors regarding their performance and are assessed based upon the principles of coaching which is covered in the theoretical component. 

We have also added an online offering for the Level 1 course due to the restrictions that were placed on us during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the program was a success, we will continue to offer the course online.