Level 2 - Coach Education Course

Level 2 - Coach Education Course

Fees : AED 5250

Purpose of the course

The purpose of the ICC Academy Level 2 qualification is to equip coaches with the relevant tools to be successful while coaching at the junior/senior representative level. In achieving this qualification, the candidates will be deemed capable of coaching cricket to players at a competitive level and prepare them for the next level which would be that of high performance sport. 

The ICC Academy Level 2 coach will be building upon the basic cricketing skills present in the players and look to prepare them for a more competitive environment, while at the same time introducing concepts like mental skills,  as well as strength and conditioning. The ICC Academy Level 2 coach will also show a greater understanding of the technical aspects of cricket as well as how to analyze players with the aim of designing appropriate interventions. 

By achieving the ICC Academy Level 2 qualification, the coach should be able to do the following:

  • - Explain, describe, and demonstrate the fundamentals of batting, bowling, fielding, and wicket keeping.
  • - Show an understanding of what is required from the modern coach.
  • - Design learning environments that are appropriate for skill acquisition.
  • - Demonstrate the ability to introduce mental skills to their players and implement them within their  programme.
  • - Show an understanding of biomechanics in cricket and apply it when analyzing batters and bowlers. 
  • - Demonstrate the ability to observe and assess cricket skills 
  • - Show an understanding of a game-centered approach and apply it to coaching sessions
  • - Show an understanding of the physical demands of cricket
  • - Design and create sessions plans 

Competitive cricket refers to any cricket in which performance is important and the aim is to compete/win. It is the next step up from playing cricket at the developmental level. However, the aim of the Level 2 coach is to find a balance between development and competition as it is important to encourage those players who do not wish to take the step to the next level to remain within the game as active participants. 

Scope of the Course

The ICC Academy Level 2 coach is able to coach the following players:

  • - Junior representative cricketers 
  • - Senior representative cricketers
  • - Schools Cricket (all ages)
  • - Club Cricket (all ages)

Structure of the Course

In order to be eligible for the ICCA Level 2 certificate, potential participants must hold a Level 1 certificate from a recognized body. The application process requires potential participants to submit the application form which would include their motivation for wanting to do the course, as well as their coaching CV along with a reference letter. Acceptance to the course is at the discretion of the Head of Education at the ICC Academy. 

The course is conducted in 3 phases. Once the participant is accepted to the course, they will be added to the online platform and will be required to complete the pre-course tasks which serve to prepare the participant for what is to come in terms of content. Thereafter, the second part of the course takes place on site at the ICC Academy in Dubai, UAE. The face-to-face component runs over 4 days and includes theory as well as  practical components. Assessment does not take place during the 4 days as the focus is on interaction between the participants and tutors. For the assessment, the participants are given a set of assignments that need to be completed and submitted through the online platform within 6 months of the completion of the face-to-face component. Once the assessment is complete and meets the necessary standards, certification will follow. 

We are working towards having an online offering for the Level 2 course and it is currently in development.